Terms & Disclaimers

Terms & Disclaimers | IE Mobile TV Competition

Contestant and Entry

Competition is open to any person in the continental USA.

Contestant may point for himself/herself; contestant may purchase points for himself/herself. (please see voting rules below for more information on voting)

All submissions must be owned by the model; any copyright infringement will disqualify the contestant.

Use only your original works.

Contestant may submit one entry only. Duplicate submissions may result in disqualification.

The competition consists of 12 weekly contests beginning on April 22nd, 2017 and ending July 14th, 2017, with one semi-finalist competition which begins on July 15th, 2017 and ends on July 21st, 2017.

Each week the Model with the most points move into the semi-finals competition. In the event of a tie, Both Models will share the prize for that week, and both contestants will move into the finals.

Models not winning the weekly competition will move into the next weeks competition. It is not necessary to re-submit your info each week. Weekly winners must compete for the Grand Prize package. Only weekly winners will advance to the semi-finals to compete for the finalist Grand Prize Package. At the conclusion of each week, the weekly winner is removed from the weekly competition and automatically entered into the finalist competition which begins on July 15th, 2017. Non-winning Models are automatically entered into the new weeks competition; points are removed and Models begin the new week with zero points.

Contestants must submit at least 1 personal photo. Nudity is not permitted. Entries without photos are ineligible to receive any prize. IE Mobile TV reserves the right to exclude, remove or disqualify any contestant for any reason with or without cause.

Models must be over the age of eighteen at time of registration. Proof of age is required prior to the awarding of prize package. (If a winner is under 18 they will forfeit any winnings).

If you are signed with or have an agreement with an agent, check with your agent to ensure that you are in compliance to enter the competition.

There is a size limit for photos. We will not edit nor modify any picture after submission. We are not held responsible if an image or file is corrupt.

IE Mobile TV is not responsible for errors, ommissions or incorrect information provided by contestant.

Each competition week ends at 11:59:59 PM Pacific Time (America/Los Angeles) The countdown timer may not reflect the current time remaining in your specific timezone. The competition is based and is set in PDT/PST. You may have to make an adjustment for your time zone.

By entering the competition and submitting your registration, you agree to be bound by these terms. IE Mobile TV reserves the right to modify these terms or to modify the competition or prize package at any time during the competition. Contestants will be notified of changes to the terms. IE Mobile TV reserves the right to cancel this competition prior to the finals week at their discretion without renumeration to any contestant.

Points and Voting

Voting is FREE! However, you must register to vote.

Models may vote for themselves and share for themselves to receive extra points. Models may also purchase a point package for themselves. HOWEVER, contestants may NOT buy a point package for another contestant. The purchasing of points for another contestant may have the appearance of impropriety (and fraud) and will not be permitted. Contestants buying points may only apply those points to themselves.

Models caught violating voting terms, especially anything that may have an appearance of impropriety will be disqualified and furthermore not entitled to any prize package.

ONLY one person per email; you may not register multiple emails. You may not register emails belonging to another person. If multiple emails are detected from the same device, computer, location, ip or person, all emails associated with that person will be banned permanently and points deducted from the Models. Please do not register more than one email. Our security software will detect cheating and ban the users permanently. Banned users will have all their points removed from the contestant(s) whom they have cast points.

You are entitled to one free point per day.

You must VERIFY your email, please check your other, spam or junk email folder if you did not receive a verification email, please return to the verify page and request another code.

Points Carry Over

25% of points for the previous week transfer to the following week during the 12 week competition. For example if you have 1,000 points on week 3 then you start with 250 points on week 4. In the finals, all contestants will begin with zero (0) points.

Point Sharing

In order to receive the extra share points, all shares must be made from the Model pages. Shares within facebook are not counted.

Shares are limited to a maximum of 5 per day per IP address or user. Any shares after 5 are not counted. Users abusing this will have their IP blocked from share points.

You may purchase points by clicking on the Buy point icons. (remember, buying points for another contestant is not permitted; you may buy points for yourself, not for another contestant)

When you purchase a point package, you will receive ONLY points, unless otherwise stated on the site. Purchased points have no cash value and may not be exchanged or traded.

Each purchased point will put that number of points into your account. points may not be split between Models. Your purchased points must be cast for one Model.

Once you have purchased points, login again and the points will show up on the top right corner of each page.

Click the Use Your points link next to your name and you will land on the apply points page. Select your favorite Model from the dropdown menu and all your points will be credited to the Model you selected.

Please ensure you have selected the Model you intend to receive the points. IE Mobile TV is not responsible for mistakes on the usage of purchased points.

Purchased points will expire at the conclusion of the competition on July 21st, 2017. Any points unused at that time have no value and will not be refundable.

Automating, bot programs, scripts or any non-human interaction in points or sharing is grounds for disqualification. If you need to use an automated program to get points, we do not need you as a representative of our company. Remember, we want socially active people with Integrity. (We have security scripts and programs to detect and prevent auto-sharing and auto voting, so please do not waste your time, you WILL be disqualified.)

Purchased points are non-refundable.

If you have any questions or need help, please use our convenient support form.


Weekly winners:
Automatic submission into finals. Weekly winners will compete for the finalist Grand Prize Package.

Grand Prize Package

  • Title: Title Ms. High Heel Society (With Award)
  • 10 Episode contract with IETV
  • Host the following season of High Heels Society
  • Spokesmodel campaign for one of the show's product sponsors (To Be Named)
  • A surprise Grand Prize Presented during the Finale of the Finals
  • Return trip to Vegas for the Filming of the Following season to Host
  • Co Host with Jay Sharp at BLAD 2 that will be held in Dallas, TX shortly after the Finale
  • Complete Fact Sheet

Finalist Prize Package

  • Round Trip flight from the Nearest Major City to Las Vegas
  • 7 days 6 nights stay in the High Heels Society Mansion (3 Meals Per Day Included)
  • Transportation while in Vegas to events set up by the production crew
  • Photo Shoot, Video Promo, and Calendar Shoot at the Mansion
  • Gift Bag Upon arrival to the Mansion


  • At the end of each week the Top 3 Point getters will advance to the final week of the competition. Total of 36 girls will battle for the top 10 spots for a 7 day 6 night trip to Las Vegas to shoot the Reality Show and compete in the finals for the title Ms. High Heels Society.

Prizes may not be exchanged for cash or substituted for any other consideration. Prizes have no cash value. The combined approximate retail value (ARV) of all prizes is $30,000.

Winners are responsible for taxes, transportation (unless otherwise included) and any other expenses not specifically awarded above

Winners must respond to the winning congratulatory email to receive their prize. Contestants residing within 150 miles of Las Vegas (at the time of registration) are not eligible for airfare. Alternate transportation at the discretion of IE Mobile TV will be provided. Models residing with 50 miles of Las Vegas (at the time of registration) are not eligible for hotel accomodations.

Click for complete finalist fact sheet and additional terms - Finalist Fact Sheet

Reservation of Rights to Material Uploaded

By entering the competition, you grant an exclusive non-royalty right and license to IE Mobile TV to use your images and other information uploaded on the website and in social media to promote the competition and to promote you. The contestant agrees that IE Mobile TV may use the contestants name, image, likeness and any uploaded photos to the website for the purpose of promoting the competition and the IE Mobile TV brand without royalty, consideration or compensation.

Contestants are not entitled to any compensation for use of images or other information uploaded to the site.

You agree that you are the owner or have permission to upload images or information and that you are the copyright owner of any material uploaded.

Failure to abide by any of these terms are grounds for disqualification and forfeiture of any prizes.

By Registering on the site either as a contestant or a pointr, you agree to be bound by these terms. These terms are governed by the Laws of the State of Nevada.